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New Urbanism presentation
Start: Apr 24 2006 - 7:15pm
End: Apr 24 2006 - 11:00pm
Timezone: Etc/GMT-5

*CNU 101: An Introduction to New Urbanism in New England*

Featuring a presentation by the President & CEO

Monday, April 24, from 7:15 - 11:00 p.m.

Boston  Design Center, Cascieri Hall, 320 Newbury Street, Boston

Pre-event cocktail reception 5:30-7:00 p.m., Lir, 903 Boylston Street

This in-depth evening workshop on the history, principles, and techniques of New Urbanism and their application to Boston and the New England region is highly recommended for anyone who is engaged in planning, development, and community-building and wants to learn more about New Urbanism. It will be an especially useful primer for those planning to attend CNU XIV, June 1-

The workshop will feature a presentation by the President and CEO, as he updates New England about ongoing CNU initiatives including post Hurricane Katrina involvement, draft LEED-ND standards, and the new ITE/CNU urban thoroughfares design guidelines. Presentations by New Urbanist experts and practitioners from New England including Rick Chellman and Donald Powers will cover the principles of New Urbanism as they relate to the New England context.

NEW URBANISM 101 and the pre-event reception are FREE. No rsvp is required.
We are always pleased to receive comments about anything we write
about in these Meanderings. Gordon has sent this as a follow up to
what we wrote last time about how strange it is that the average
United Kingdom person doesn't look kindly on a  family nude beach and yet will go
out of the way to look at nudity in the theatre. Gordon writes -

"I think the forbidden element is what attracts people, the idea that
they will see something not available 'at home'.    But I have noticed
that people will walk the length of Son Bou, a Naked Beach on Menorca just to
see the nuddies at the far end, and the same thing used to apply on
Playa D'en Bossa beach on Ibiza until the textile hotel at the end
drove us off. The holiday reps always seem to mention the nude areas
as though they are tourist attractions.   Mostly it is men who drag
their embarrassed spouses along, although I have noted the occasional
textile female voyeur swimming slowly past.  ;-)

The most bizarre sight at Cala Conte, a small but delightful naturist
cove on Ibiza, was a couple of Spaniards in T shirts and shorts,
surrounded by nude people and playing young nudist games like volleyball!


We know what you mean Gordon. It always strikes us very strange at
Cap d'Agde that the shops display these "girlie" mags when there are
live nude teen  girls all around you.

Our comment about most UK people not liking public nudity has
sparked off this email from Malcolm -

"Evidence? It is very rare that I have heard anyone say anything like
that for themselves (mainly TV discussions/documentaries etc).
Usually the critics are taking it upon themselves to say it for other
people. Certainly in the recent TV documentaries I have seen (one on
Vincent and one on streaking) all of the statements against it were on
behalf of someone else. The exception was some of the competitors,
but they were objecting to the break in concentration.

I suspect that most of the objection is based on a huge myth that
"everyone" objects. Undoubtedly there are quite a few, very
vociferous, people that object very strongly who's opinion carries a
weight out of all proportion to their numbers.

Malcolm, Webmaster for NUFF venues."

That is an opinion that may have some substance. On the odd
occasions that we discuss nudity with non-naturists we generally get
the reaction of "Yes that's fine, but don't ask me to do it.". Having
said that though, we also know many people personally who do think
that nudism is a bad thing in all respects and certainly would object
to it in public. Just what proportion falls into each of these two
viewpoints would be interesting to discover.

"I saw an interesting thing during a recent trip to Scottsdale,
Arizona in the USA and wanted to pass it on to you and your readers.

I was at the hotel's pool and there was a family from Germany
visiting. They had one girl about 10 years and another girl about
11/12 years old. The 10 year old was wearing a one piece bathing suit
and the older girl a two piece. After their swim, both girls sun
bathed top less at the pool. They had no concerns, problems or
thoughts about removing their bathing suit tops to the public and the

Meanwhile there was an American family at the pool with a 2 to 3 year
old girl at the same pool. She was wearing a two piece swim suit.
They kept her top and bottoms on all day.

It is just a shame that Americans have not accepted public nudity like
the Europeans. Sometimes I wish I was from Europe.

Mark Craig."

Although nudity was not involved in this situation, yes we do agree
Mark that in the United States the sense of "body shame" is greater
than in most of Europe. But please don't get the idea that Europe is
all nude friendly. Here in the United Kingdom things are nearly as bad
as in the USA regarding body shame. Our thanks to all our email
contributors this time. Keep writing.

Unique, as far as we know, Cap d'Agde situated in the South of
France, is the only "naturist town" in the world. One of our favorite
places to go, unfortunately through other commitments, we've been
unable to visit there for a couple of years now. We hope to get there
next year though.

We have always liked the place because you can do any of the normal
things that you do back home, but in the nude. Shopping for instance.
It is quite acceptable to do it that way there. The only "tradition"
that slightly spoils this is that it seems to be the norm to dress,
however scantily, in the evening for eating out. When we were last
there in fact, it was seldom that you saw anybody walking around naked
in the evening. In our view that is a great shame.

It was with some surprise then that we recently received a copy of the
rules of Cap d'Agde as given to a holidaymaker from his holiday travel
company before his departure under the title "Extract from the
Naturist Regulations (House Rules)". We thought that you might like to
read some of these "rules".

"The "Zone Naturist" has effectively become a Naturist Club, and all
visitors staying in Naturist Cap d'Agde automatically become
members when they are admitted to the resort. Membership is
obligatory and is included in the entry fee.

Any visitor to Naturist Cap d'Agde must adhere to both the regulations
of the Club and the local by-laws.

I) Access to the Naturist quarter is reserved for Naturists and those
whose course of work requires it. Access is via an entrance where
there is a permanent control and where passes must be produced. Non-
residents must confirm their Naturist status by their membership of
the Club specifically created to uphold the ethics of Naturism. Their
membership may be withdrawn should they behave in a fashion
contrary to the standards of good behavior resulting in expulsion
from the Resort.

2) Nudity is obligatory within the quarter, whenever weather
conditions permit it.

3) The standards of common decency are watched at all times. Any
breach will immediately be reprimanded
The following are specifically forbidden by Municipal By-law
The wearing of clothes or jewelry associated with exhibitionism or
encouraging exhibitionism or pornography.
Any acts of exhibitionism or of debauchery of a sexual nature which
are contrary to public order or common decency.
Any type of advertising in a public place for shows of a pornographic

4)   Any behavior or practice generating nuisances (dogs on the
beach, noisy and irritating activities, knocking during the night,
etc.) is equally forbidden.

5)   There is a speed limit within the quarter and this must he

6)   Photography and filming are strictly limited to members of the
same family."

So there you have it. Now you know how to behave while visiting the
resort. We are very pleased and happy to see rule, 2). Now we will
have no hesitation of going around nude in the evening.

One of the phrases among the prohibitions in rule 3), "The wearing of
clothes or jewelry associated with exhibitionism" is an interesting
one. Some would say that much of the body jewelry worn and so
popular these days does sometimes amount to exhibitionism.

The nuisance of dogs is also covered by the rules we see. Just a shame
that there are so many dogs around Cap d'Agde. Fowling is still a
problem there. Just a shame some of the "rules" aren't kept to.

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